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It's no matter whether your employee headcount is small or big, regular payroll is a task HR has to deal with accuracy and efficiency. With HRMS - Payroll management system, Competent payroll processing, Configurable salary components, Payroll automation, Statutory Compliance and Reports

Configurable Salary Components

You can create and add salary components - Earnings or Deductions as per your company guidelines. PMS provides a feature to add different Salary structure to different departments. Simply create a salary component as earning or deduction and apply it to a group, team, department or even to a specific employee.

An easy to use Payroll System

Create Payslips and Process Payroll, A Dashboard for quick assessment of the status, Update salary when an employee gets a hike, generate statutory reports and many more awesome features that integrates with Leave and Attendance management system for payroll processing.

Competent payroll processing

Easy end to end Payroll processing. Quick salary structure setup. Process Payroll Department wise or team wise. Flexibility to change and update salary for single employee or a group.

Pay Happily for your HUMAN CAPITAL with HRMS on Cloud.

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