Empower your Employees

HRMS - Leave and Attendance Management System empowers HR and Managers to view employee profiles and leave requests. Using ‘Team Calendar’ , at a glance, you can view, who is on duty and who is off duty. HRs, Managers, and Employees can stay up to date with Notifications, Emails, and Announcements all the time.

Leaves Management

Complete control on Leaves Policies and Allotment of leaves. Employee - Manager - HR in sync about the information all the time. Send and receive notifications and emails on Approvals and Rejections of Leaves. Create weekly offs and holidays with ease. An intuitive design helps you complete tasks effortless.

Setup Your Leave Policy

Create Types of Leaves that are unique to your organization like Casual, Sick or Maternity, etc. Assign different leave policies to each department. We understood that every organization has its own set of policies and guidelines.

Apply for leave

With a simple click on the Calendar, an employee can apply for leave. An employee can see pending leave approvals, approved leaves and rejected leaves with comments from HR or Manager. Whenever there is a Leave request, the concerned manager and HR will get a notification and action taken by Manager or HR on Leave requests will be notified back to the concerned employee. And all this happens in one place and in simple clicks.

Enrich and empower your HUMAN CAPITAL with HRMS on Cloud.

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