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A complete solution that can revamp your mundane HR tasks exciting and rewarding. Join the digitally transforming genre, pay as you use and throw away your Huge IT budgets.

HRMS is a complete suite for your HR needs


Recruitment Management System

  • Post a job to your careers page.
  • Get Job applicant details right into your system.


Leave Management System

  • Manage your employee attendance and Leaves with ease.
  • Control from anywhere.


Payroll Management System

  • Create Payrolls for various compensation packages.
  • Trigger Payrolls manually or on time-bound.

A Simple Sleek Solution

HRMS comes with a great set of features helping you to process information fast and make decisions even faster. In HRMS, the Critical process can be handled by simple workflows.

Inter-Office Communication

Collaboration is well supported by smooth communication flow. HRMS makes it even smoother with Alerts, Notifications, Announcements, and integration with Email clients.

Why HRMS Cloud ?

For any organization managing the Human Resource is quite a cumbersome process, if done manually, it involves a lot of data that has to be cross-checked. These records are very important in terms of employee performance and to generate accurate payroll. These multi folded transactions are very difficult to track manually with accuration and efficacy. HRMS automates all these critical processes and solves the problem by simultaneous and synchronous updation of records in an instant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is HRMS?

HRMS is Human Resource Management software and is on Cloud. All your HR day to day tasks can be performed with much ease using this solution.

What are the benefits of using HRMS?

An organisation can automate Attendance, Leaves, Recruitment and payroll. This gives more control over the Human resource management and optimisation of resources.

What company size can use HRMS?

As a matter of fact any company size can use it, however if employee headcount is more than 30 then the ROI is good.

Is my data safe with HRMS?

We have partnered with the world's leading cloud service providers like AWS , Google and Microsoft. So all the best practices and industry standards automatically apply to you. It's Safe with this top players as whole world and top Government agencies across the globe use these services.

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