Retirements, Terminations & Resignations

Retirement benefits calculation and settlement Employee Resignations Policies and settlements can be handled with ease. Employee terminations are also mapped in the Software process to work easily.

Employee Offboarding

For every organisation off-boarding is also very important in terms of employee satisfaction and also accurate calculations required for earned salary and other benefits. Payroll management we have added features that can make offboarding a memorable experience.

Final Settlement

All the final settlement scenarios are mapped in the system like, Retirement, Relocation, Intra group transfer, Resignation and termination. For all this business cases you can make accurate calculations and implement your company policies.

Offboarding Checklist

To make the offboarding process professional and error free, HR department will have a checklist to make sure every small detail is checked,Letters, final payments, handing overs, Assets handing over, changing the status inactive, removing access to all the systems etc. Checklist helps driving the workflow to close tasks efficiently.

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