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  Very Simplified Software for managing HR Functions with Good UI.  

Code Builders

  Good HR Tool for Every Company. Ease of Use and value for money. The product has been designed very well and easy to navigate.  


  As an HR I wanted to have a snapshot of who is on duty and who is on off. But this was very difficult with manual biometric data as it gives who came into the premises. So I found an apt solution for me as there is a web checkin that gives who is on duty and leave management which shows on the team calendar who took off and who are on duty in one glance.  

Cosmetics Group

  Positively a good product to sign up for! I should say it is a very wise decision. The product covers the complete HR needs.  


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  One-Stop Solution for your company's payroll and HR Functions. Leaves applied by the employees can be approved and tracked and other HR functions can be managed easily.  

Health Ibnsina

  Simple Software and does not require much hand-holding to master the software. Offering free trial period too!  


  Amazing Product for employee management. User-friendly functionality and offering so many features at less cost with awesome support.  



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